Kids school work & art work storage

Are you like me and just was overloaded with piles of art & such from school?! Don’t stress, I have a few solutions 😊

Use your digital camera and take photos of the pieces & back the files up on your computer and iCloud. This way you can just throw all the paper out as you have saved them forever 😊 you can then display them as your screensaver or on a digital photo frame!

Another way is to buy a large, two ring binder and name and date each piece as you store it in the folder. This way you can flip through it as they get older ☺️

A new modern way is to use an app such as artkive, canvasly or keepy. They aren’t all free but are a great way to keep a record of your child’s artwork 😊

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x


Laundry ScheduleΒ 

This blog post was actually a request by a dear friend who is having trouble keeping up with her laundry. I up until about 7 months ago had a huge pile that took up my whole laundry & my darling mummy helped clear it out so I could start fresh! 

The 1st thing I did after the big clear out which require taking the clothes to a laundry mat to get on top of it, was to put laundry baskets in everyone’s closets. This seperates the washing, keeps socks in pairs, and let’s the laundry floor stay clear. I then created a laundry schedule. Monday is my washing, Tuesday is my husbands, Wednesday my daughters, Thursday my sons, Friday my baby’s and Saturday is sheets & towels. I constantly have laundry going in and out, I never let it pile up anymore. 

I also always take the day befores washing off the line, fold it and put it away when I hang the next load on. This way I don’t have a god awful pile of clean washing lying around waiting to be folded! Doing laundry bit by bit, day by day makes it more manageable! 

My kids put their own washing into the machine on their washing day, pull them out into their basket for me to hang and also put their folded clothes away in their drawers/cupboards. I started getting them to do this once they started grade prep 😊 takes a little work off me and gives them some responsibility for their own belongings 😊

Day to day Organisation & Planning

I can’t function without my calendars, diaries, etc. If I lost them I would have no idea what’s going on in my life! That’s why I have a system and a back up system 😊

Here’s my family calender that hangs on my pantry door (was purchased at Kiki-k)


It goes by month and has columns for each person in our house. I write down important events, appointments, dates on here as soon as I become aware of them. The best part is the kids & my hubby know what’s happening everyday. I even have written what days my daughter has to hand in her dollarmite or when they have sport so I never forget.

I also back this system up with an app called “mom planner” (the free version). 


Once again as soon as an event or such is made aware to me I STRAIGHT away input it into the calender. 


I even add my cleaning schedule, what day I do menu planning, etc so I’m constantly reminded. The best thing about this app is you can set it up so things reoccur. For example, I set it up so every Wednesday it will display that I need to Hoover & mop! It even allows you to set alarms to once again remind you to do something. 


Another great feature is the the to list function. Here I input all the tasks I need to do, such as organise a birthday present or go to Centrelink. You can once again set an alarm to remind you and a date that it needs to be completed by 😊

Thirdly every day I write a little to do list in the morning and tick it off as I complete the task. I just use pen & paper for this. For instance, today I wrote down wash my daughters sheets, check emails, defrost mince, etc. 

None of this would be useful to me or anyone else if I didn’t actually take the time to check the calendars and actually input the things I need to do and remember!

Happy organising!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x

Tuna Mornay Bake YUMMY

My eldest and I made this scrumptious tuna mornay bake the other night. So simple, so tasty. 



80g of butter

1 onion, chopped

1 celery stick, chopped

1/2 a cup of plain flour

2 cups of warmed milk

2 cans of tuna 425g, drained

2 cups of cooked long-grain rice white

1/2 a cup of chopped parsley 

2 cups of cornflakes

1. Preheat your oven to 200c or 180c if fan forced. Grease a 2 litre ovenproof dish. Melt butter in frypan and add the onion & celery. Cook until soft.

2. Add the flour, stirring for about a minute. Slowly add the milk, stirring constantly. Continue stirring until the mixture boils & thickens. Add the tuna and stir to combine.

3. Combine the rice and parsley in a bowl and spread the mixture over the base of your oven dish. Top with the tuna sauce and sprinkle the cornflakes on top. Bake for around 15 mins or until lightly browned.

It’s so yummy!

Happy cooking!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x

Cleaning Schedules

Sounds rather boring this topic doesn’t it…but believe me its worth having a look at & a think about!

In the past I would leave all my cleaning jobs for one day a week and would be totally overloaded on that day! My house would become feral in between that time and it would cause me great anxiety. Enough was enough and I created a cleaning schedule that works for me. Here’s an overview of mine:

Monday: Clean Bathrooms

Tuesday: Dust

Wednesday: Hoover & Mop floors

Thursday: Do a monthly task (listed at bottom)

Friday: Free day

Saturday: Hoover & Mop Floors, wipe down couches (I’m OCD with my floors, most people would only really need to do them once a week!)

Sunday: Do a monthly task (listed at the bottom and if I have free time)

I do the following everyday and usually in the morning after the kids are at school and my youngest naps:

Any dishes

Wipe down benches and kitchen table

Tidy the house (except my kids rooms, that’s their chore)

Make my bed (although its usually just throwing my doona over the sheet)


I also will re-do some of the above daily tasks at night after dinner

Here’s my monthly tasks that I try to complete:

Wash rugs/mats/bath mats

Clean oven

Clean windows

Clean skirting boards

Spot clean the walls

The above is just what I find works for me a treat. It may seem as if I’m constantly cleaning but actually I’m not, I really only spend about an hour all up a day (extra spent on laundry) because the work is broken down over the week & month.

There is no need to follow exactly what I do, try and find a schedule that works for you and your own household. Here are a few links to free cleaning schedule printables to help you plan:

Google “free printable cleaning schedules” for more inspiration or just use plain old pen & paper!

Happy Scheduling!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x

Kitchen Hacks ;)

Here’s a couple of life hacks I have recently learnt in regards to the kitchen

Every time I open my kitchen drawers tongs pop out at me and I struggle to close the drawer! Putting your tongs inside empty paper towel rolls means it wont happen again!

I always have trouble sticking cling wrap to the sides of containers :/ BUT if you wipe your wet hands against the edges and outsides of the container voila its sticks like glue!

I don’t use an ipad in the kitchen but if you do, cover it with cling wrap to prevent it from getting greasy marks, splatters and spills on the screen πŸ˜‰

I absolutely despise tomato seeds but if you cut a tomato in half horizontally and gentle squeeze…no more seeds!

This is a hint that took me forever to realise! ONE TEASPOON of dried herbs is equivalent to ONE TABLESPOON of fresh herbs.

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x

Common sense is actually not that common…money saving laundry tips.

I used to stare in wonder at my electricity & water bills…why were they so expensive?! I had a representative come visit from energy savers & he showed my husband & I that a main contributor to our bill was the washing machine & dryer! 

Here are some tips I use on a daily basis to conserve my energy and try to reduce my bills 

1. Hang clothes on the clothes line when sunny & on the clothes horse when wet. Seems simple enough but I honestly threw EVERYTHING in the dryer. Sometimes doing this washing can get backed up a bit, so utilise the dryer when necessary. I don’t have a dryer since my old one blew up on me but will be getting one soon since it’s coming to winter soon.

2. Don’t put on half loads. It’s a waste of water, electricity and your time. Wait until your laundry basket is full. 

3. Wash your clothes on cold. I had no idea that I was using so much electricity washing my clothes in hot water! Haven’t noticed a difference in the quality of my washes since changing over 😊

4. Use stain remover and put your laundry on the quick cycle. Saves time, saves water & electricity πŸ˜‰

5. Clean the lint. I didn’t do it for ages…oops now I have a reminder go off once a week on my phone to do so. 

Laundry is a pain and a job we all have to do but hopefully by making some small changes it can be less expensive!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x