Common sense is actually not that common…money saving laundry tips.

I used to stare in wonder at my electricity & water bills…why were they so expensive?! I had a representative come visit from energy savers & he showed my husband & I that a main contributor to our bill was the washing machine & dryer! 

Here are some tips I use on a daily basis to conserve my energy and try to reduce my bills 

1. Hang clothes on the clothes line when sunny & on the clothes horse when wet. Seems simple enough but I honestly threw EVERYTHING in the dryer. Sometimes doing this washing can get backed up a bit, so utilise the dryer when necessary. I don’t have a dryer since my old one blew up on me but will be getting one soon since it’s coming to winter soon.

2. Don’t put on half loads. It’s a waste of water, electricity and your time. Wait until your laundry basket is full. 

3. Wash your clothes on cold. I had no idea that I was using so much electricity washing my clothes in hot water! Haven’t noticed a difference in the quality of my washes since changing over 😊

4. Use stain remover and put your laundry on the quick cycle. Saves time, saves water & electricity 😉

5. Clean the lint. I didn’t do it for ages…oops now I have a reminder go off once a week on my phone to do so. 

Laundry is a pain and a job we all have to do but hopefully by making some small changes it can be less expensive!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x