Cleaning Schedules

Sounds rather boring this topic doesn’t it…but believe me its worth having a look at & a think about!

In the past I would leave all my cleaning jobs for one day a week and would be totally overloaded on that day! My house would become feral in between that time and it would cause me great anxiety. Enough was enough and I created a cleaning schedule that works for me. Here’s an overview of mine:

Monday: Clean Bathrooms

Tuesday: Dust

Wednesday: Hoover & Mop floors

Thursday: Do a monthly task (listed at bottom)

Friday: Free day

Saturday: Hoover & Mop Floors, wipe down couches (I’m OCD with my floors, most people would only really need to do them once a week!)

Sunday: Do a monthly task (listed at the bottom and if I have free time)

I do the following everyday and usually in the morning after the kids are at school and my youngest naps:

Any dishes

Wipe down benches and kitchen table

Tidy the house (except my kids rooms, that’s their chore)

Make my bed (although its usually just throwing my doona over the sheet)


I also will re-do some of the above daily tasks at night after dinner

Here’s my monthly tasks that I try to complete:

Wash rugs/mats/bath mats

Clean oven

Clean windows

Clean skirting boards

Spot clean the walls

The above is just what I find works for me a treat. It may seem as if I’m constantly cleaning but actually I’m not, I really only spend about an hour all up a day (extra spent on laundry) because the work is broken down over the week & month.

There is no need to follow exactly what I do, try and find a schedule that works for you and your own household. Here are a few links to free cleaning schedule printables to help you plan:

Google “free printable cleaning schedules” for more inspiration or just use plain old pen & paper!

Happy Scheduling!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x