Declutter your kitchen!

Once or twice a year I declutter my kitchen. It’s necessary because over time I acquire so much stuff it becomes unmanageable and I become slack & just toss things in the cupboards, etc! 

Here’s how I do it by being productive & systematic, which results in an organised kitchen.

Clear an open area where you can create four piles; rubbish/toss, keep, move to another room and sell/charity.

Start by clearing out the rubbish. Throw out dated paperwork, receipts, ripped plastic bags, food wrappers, empty cartons or boxes, anything on your benches, etc.

Start the sorting process. I go cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer, then the pantry. Pull everything out of the cupboard/drawer/pantry and sort into your piles (rubbish/toss, keep, sell/charity and move to another room). To help sort ask yourself questions such as “is it broken?” If yes, toss.  “have I used it within the last month?” If yes, keep. If no, sell/charity. Except obviously for seasonal products like Xmas plates, etc. If your keeping an item but it belongs somewhere else, put it in the move to another room pile. 

Once all the sorting is complete, your cupboards, drawers & pantry should be EMPTY. This is the perfect opportunity to wipe down the insides! 

It’s then time to put away all the piles. I start with the “keep” pile & put it all away in an organised manner (cutlery together in one drawer, plastics/Tupperware together, etc. I then put the sell/charity pile away in my spare room or garage until they are sold or I get to a charity store. Obviously the rubbish pile is put outside in the bins or in my hard rubbish collection pile for the next collection date.

A decluttered kitchen is so refreshing 😊

Happy decluttering!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x


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