My tips to survive a road trip with kids!

We just returned from a short holiday away which involved a two hour drive, which with kids can be hell on earth! There are ways to make it more pleasurable for everyone though 😊 Here’s my tips:

Be Prepared! This means make sure you have snacks & water bottles for the trip. Have on hand baby wipes for those side of the road toilet stops! Make sure your hubby checks the oil, water etc on the car before you leave. Pack a first aid kit and Have EVERYTHING you can think of incase of an emergency.

Pillows, pillows, pillows! Nothing worse then the kids complaining of a sore neck or finding it hard to sleep. The best ones to use are the travel pillows which you can by from any chain store like target or Kmart. 

Baking trays. Say what? Yes, baking trays! Use them as stable tables for the kiddies! They can lean on them to colour in or do a puzzle or to put their snacks on 😁

Books on CDs 😊 sometimes kids get bored of music! A book on cd can help ease boredom 😊

Good old fashioned car trip games like eye-spy can keep kids entertained for hoooooours!

Don’t forget to take plenty of rest & toilet breaks and most of all enjoy your car trip!

Happy driving!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x


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