Organise those pesky toys!

Is your house over ran with toys? Mine sure is! We used to have a playroom but it quickly became a junkyard and was overfilled to the brim. I had enough and cleared it out. 

The first thing to do is do your clearing out & organising is to do it without the kids around, whether they are at school, asleep or out with daddy…because all they want to do is play with long lost toys or prohibit you from throwing anything away. I started by creating 3 piles: keep, throw away and charity (in my case I sold these ones on a buy swap sell site on Facebook and gave the money to the kids). 

Once this was completed ( it took me a good three hours!) I put all the throw away toys in garbage bags and stored in the garage until next hard rubbish day. I straight away listed all the charity/selling toys on Facebook and stores them in my spare room until they were sold & collected. 

The keep pile was a little bit more tricky. I didn’t want a playroom anymore so I separated  the toys into sections of who they belonged to. I then used large plastic tubs, baskets, storage containers etc to group like toys with like. For example; Lego all together, barbies & accessories together and so on. I then transferred these all to designated spots in the kids rooms (floor, bookcases, cupboards, etc) this way every toy had a place! 

This organisation made my life so much more easier! The kids had their own toys in their own rooms, they could easily pack away their toys as everything had a place and I had a study area for myself all of a sudden! 

Happy Organising!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x


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