Laundry Schedule 

This blog post was actually a request by a dear friend who is having trouble keeping up with her laundry. I up until about 7 months ago had a huge pile that took up my whole laundry & my darling mummy helped clear it out so I could start fresh! 

The 1st thing I did after the big clear out which require taking the clothes to a laundry mat to get on top of it, was to put laundry baskets in everyone’s closets. This seperates the washing, keeps socks in pairs, and let’s the laundry floor stay clear. I then created a laundry schedule. Monday is my washing, Tuesday is my husbands, Wednesday my daughters, Thursday my sons, Friday my baby’s and Saturday is sheets & towels. I constantly have laundry going in and out, I never let it pile up anymore. 

I also always take the day befores washing off the line, fold it and put it away when I hang the next load on. This way I don’t have a god awful pile of clean washing lying around waiting to be folded! Doing laundry bit by bit, day by day makes it more manageable! 

My kids put their own washing into the machine on their washing day, pull them out into their basket for me to hang and also put their folded clothes away in their drawers/cupboards. I started getting them to do this once they started grade prep 😊 takes a little work off me and gives them some responsibility for their own belongings 😊


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