Day to day Organisation & Planning

I can’t function without my calendars, diaries, etc. If I lost them I would have no idea what’s going on in my life! That’s why I have a system and a back up system 😊

Here’s my family calender that hangs on my pantry door (was purchased at Kiki-k)


It goes by month and has columns for each person in our house. I write down important events, appointments, dates on here as soon as I become aware of them. The best part is the kids & my hubby know what’s happening everyday. I even have written what days my daughter has to hand in her dollarmite or when they have sport so I never forget.

I also back this system up with an app called “mom planner” (the free version). 


Once again as soon as an event or such is made aware to me I STRAIGHT away input it into the calender. 


I even add my cleaning schedule, what day I do menu planning, etc so I’m constantly reminded. The best thing about this app is you can set it up so things reoccur. For example, I set it up so every Wednesday it will display that I need to Hoover & mop! It even allows you to set alarms to once again remind you to do something. 


Another great feature is the the to list function. Here I input all the tasks I need to do, such as organise a birthday present or go to Centrelink. You can once again set an alarm to remind you and a date that it needs to be completed by 😊

Thirdly every day I write a little to do list in the morning and tick it off as I complete the task. I just use pen & paper for this. For instance, today I wrote down wash my daughters sheets, check emails, defrost mince, etc. 

None of this would be useful to me or anyone else if I didn’t actually take the time to check the calendars and actually input the things I need to do and remember!

Happy organising!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x


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