Menu Planning

Considering I am currently doing this myself, I thought what better blog topic then this!

Previously I would go to the supermarket every couple of days…unprepared. I would wonder the aisles aimlessly, causing myself a panic attack as I had to think on my feet & purchasing items that we just didn’t need. Going to the supermarket every couple of days not only wasted a lot of my time but it also mean that I was only prepared for a few days worth of meals, snacks, household products etc. Something had to change!!

A few years ago I changed my whole game plan and have never looked back! We now only go grocery shopping once a week on Hubby’s pay day. Although we do need to do a couple of quick runs during the week for fresh milk & bread ;). I prepare a menu plan every Tuesday for the 7 nights, which includes dinners, snacks I make for the kiddies, special treats such as pancakes on Sunday or desserts. When composing my menu plan I consult (one of the BEST websites for simple family meal ideas) for new meals and my recipe folder (which is tried and tested meals that I know I can make & the family enjoy 😉 ). I write all of the meals down according to which day I will be making them on my Family Menu Planner which looks something like this (easily bought from Kmart or stores such as Typo & Kiki-K):

menu planner

I stick the it on my fridge and as I make the meals etc I will cross them off, which actually is highly useful to me as I am forgetful and will make two batches of muffins by accident!. I know what’s for dinner every night and it comforts me to know that its one less thing I need to worry about during the day!

From the menu plan I compose the weekly grocery list with the ingredients I need for the meals, etc and add on the obvious essentials. I go as far as to organise my shopping list into supermarket aisles (frozen with frozen, canned with canned) but really that’s just my OCD coming out ;). This way when my husband or I go do the groceries, we are not leaving with random stuff, we don’t forget anything and we are stocked up for the next seven days! No more shopping headaches!

I know of women who do a monthly menu plan and cook up big batches of meals & freeze them or do a fortnightly menu plan. Do whatever works for you and your family 🙂 We do weekly because Hubby gets paid weekly and because I like to use fresh ingredients and have plenty of fresh fruit and veg on hand.

If you think that this is something that would work for you in your household I have posted some links here for free menu planner templates!!

And here are some Grocery/shopping list free templates & printables 🙂

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x


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