First Post, First Blog Entry, First times…

I have decided to create a Blog for numerous reasons…

One being that I have a fair amount of free time on my hands currently as a stay-at-home mummy to three and a wife.

Two being that I feel as if I have so much to share, so many thoughts to organise and find this whole process very therapeutic. My brain doesn’t work the same as others…for me a blog isn’t a journal of my personal thoughts, my thoughts run on a different wavelength. Its more about a chronicle of things I do and see, a way to keep my ever racing mind focused.

You see as well as being a mummy, wife, cleaner, chef, nurse, uni student, doctor, advocate, chauffeur, nurturer, planner, organiser….the list goes on & on. I am a sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I crave order, routine, planning, schedules. Not only do these things provide me with comfort but they also help make life that little bit more easier. I’m not just these things though, I am also fun & energetic and looking forward to the blogging process.

I will be sharing my tips on organisation, family, life, fun activities and things to do with kids, products I use, things I make, apps I use, interesting finds on the internet, the list goes on.

Looking forward to sharing with the world!

Sarah (The OCD Mumma) x


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